WriteMotivation Round-Up

Things are going. Having my mom, sister-in-law, and niece here derailed the writing train, but I wouldn’t trade the time I had with them for anything. As far as goals go, here’s how I did.

1) One blog post per week.

End: If I average, I did one post per week. Does that count for something? I know I didn’t report my progress, but getting the site up and running was a huge hurtle for me, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

2) Visit twitter three times per week.

End: Β Done. Accomplished!

3) Eat some cookies.

End: This was tough, but I did it. The success tasted sweet!

4) Finish my final edits for WIP, THE PANDORA REVERSAL: SHIFTER.

End: Some previous CPs contacted me to join a new group. It has proved a good thing, and when they looked at my work, they spotted some no-nos like passive verbs and such that have caused me to go back and make some changes. They are way better. Just proof that we can always improve. Thanks SW, KH, and BJ! Thought it wasn’t completing my previous goal, I did make the WIP better with a lot of editing and feel good about what I did.


I did okay. Looking forward to August!


17 thoughts on “WriteMotivation Round-Up

    • heathercashman says:

      Thanks! It’s been more motivating than I thought it would. And it helps me recognize my successes as well.

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